Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of your shoes.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

CHUBBETTES. She can have a tummy and still look yummy..

Im just one big empty promise. You wouldnt believe how busy I've been. School and music seem to have completly absorbed me now. No more promises, I will post when I can. Not that it matters much, only about 2 people read this- but Im grateful all the same!

Talking of school, I'm in the middle of a language investigation, based around gender advertising and I randomly came across this little corker. Not really Gender-based, more weight-based. Its an advert for what I sumise is a clothing brand for the err, bigger boned girl.

There is no way they could get away with this nowadays, I think thats what makes it so funny.




Monday, 1 November 2010

Back in 5...


I am the worst Blogger in the history of Blogging.


I plan to start up again soon with a new photo dairy, showing all the loverly things I've bought during my absence.

For now though I think I'll leave you with something thats been inspiring me lately, Im sure most of you have heard of Plan B, and if not, get on it RAH NAOW. This guy is brilliant, he mixes motown with rap with pyar Gangsta and I love it. His album The defamation of Strickland Banks is being bigged up everywhere, and for good reason. Literally every song is a hit, and I can't get enough of it. Im sure a lot of you will of heard 'She said' and 'Recluse' - but you seriously need to listen to 'Free' and 'Traded in my cigarettes', they are F ing amayo.

Listen and maybe tell me what you think.

I will sort this sorry state of a Blog out soon, I cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

Till then, Peace out



Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Well, that last post was a bit crap.
Fair enough this one is even worse.
Ill sort it out.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"No me he divertido tanto desde los anos setenta"

Ey, check dem kecks.
I FINALLY got a pair of high waisted bikini bottoms!
Have to say, I was a birrof made up.
American Apparel. £22
I'm planning on wearing mine with a retro black and white polka dot halter neck bikini top. Very 50's, what I've wanted for like 2 years.
Get in.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Gone to Tiffany's. Back in 5...

"...My look is attainable, women can look like Audrey Hepburn by buying the large sunglasses and the little sleevless dress..." Audrey Hepburn.

Oh aye. Bet they can.



Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The epitemy of me.

"Stormy Weather" - Etta James.... The link wouldnt work. soz.
This song, a few months ago, summed up my life, feelings, and just general mood.
Its part of the"A Single Man" soundtrack- a film starring Colin Firth and Nick Hoult which you HAVE to watch. I saw the film in March, a day after splitting up with my boyfriend, and although it wasnt a soppy romantic film, this song- which isnt a major feature, actually made me cry as i felt it summed up how I was feeling.
Its one of those cathartic songs I like to listen to when feeling a bit mellow or upset- which, if im honest, is mostly very unhelpful, but I like to mope sometimes.
Plus, Etta james is simple MAGNIFICENT. Check out "at last" as well. The woman is genius.

Friday, 21 May 2010

bic it bic it bic it


I think I'm gonna try this look, I'll start by clipping a bit of my hair to the side, see how it goes, maybe shave a bit in the summer. Thing is, Alice Dellal- the girl who started off the whole shaved head thing sort of went sick saying;

'It’s quite awkward that so many people around here have copied my look.’

soz Al.

I like it though, but I HATE being a copy cat.

Gah, give me time, I shall work my way around it.



Monday, 17 May 2010


It is back and I want it even more than last time.

It makes me feel like Wendy everytime i see it/try it on.

tba dress. Urban Outiftters. £154

(that last bit is a killer right?)



Friday, 14 May 2010

Urban Outfitters


Only gone and found me self my summer bikini havent I?

The High waisted bottoms are marvelous and I've been after this design for at least 2 summers, plus the bandau top is so pwetty, and the floral pattern screams retro cuteness.



Thursday, 6 May 2010

Here comes the sun...

Forget boys.
I have found a new love.
And the best thing is, they wont lie, cheat, look at other girls when youre out on a meal, forget your birthday or pretend to listen whenever you mention anything that doesnt involve Megan Fox.
Here they are...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Getting the bus to TOPSHOP
Cause I pyar fancy you.

Monday, 3 May 2010

oh iyer

I know its been a while since my last post but to be honest, not much is new. I did my aural and it actually went alright, messed up a bit at the beginning due to nerves and the distrubing fact that my examiner was a blonde look-a-like of ADOLF HITLER.
No Joke.
I felt bad for thinking this as he was a really sound, calming man, but yeah- pyar leader of the aryans.
Aside from that nout has gone on. I cant even take pictures of clothes or things that i like at the moment because that STOOOPID camera is still goosed. (however i believe im getting a new one back tomorrow so hopefully the pictures will be back with a vengance)
Aye, so not much to blog about and therefore not much blogging has been done. Hence the extremely boring up-date. Apologies.
For my next blog i think il do a mood board. Or a picture that shows my current situation. Something to aim for at least.
Untill then, in a bizzle kids.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Knit your own Boyfriend...

Yes please.

Im unimpressed with the lack of work Ive done. I have to pieces of English coursework in for Monday, an actual AS Spanish Aural at 1:15 Monday afternoon and Exam notes to do for my drama lesson on tuesday, yet im going out in about 15 minutes.

Someone start feeding me motivation instead of chocolate please, much appreciated.

Yours, completely unfullfilled and lacking in motivation,

Friday, 23 April 2010

Granny Grump

Dont care if most arthritic old ladies do it to pass the time between loose woman and The Terry Wogan show, Im knitting.

Gotten pretty handy at it now. Just saying.

Im in the proccess of making a mod tie, think dark blue wool, skinny tie, but KNITTED.

Doubt I'll end up wearing it, its been comically dubbed the "tie im making for the boyfriend i no longer have".... Oh I've got boss mates me.

In a bit lirrrrrd


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Come on rude boy boy boy...

Oh my goodness, what is it about this song that

A) makes me think im Rihanna?
B) makes me think i can DANCE like Rihanna?
C) Turns every girl i know into a dirty shhhlag everytime we hear it?

I am NAAAT into this kind of music at.all, trust me, i am the most "white" person ever- with no intention to be racist there, but anyone who knows me will know that im more "geek chic" than "homeboii". That being said, i think this song is epic, as soon as it comes on, my legs start going, arms in the air, hand on hip...GRINDING.

Histerical, i was at a lil get together the other night with some friends, this came on and we went into histerics, dirty dancing all over the place- and i assure you, none of us are "those kinda girls" if yegetme???

Plus we have this dirty little obsession with "the walk"- this wierd thing we do, each time we step geting closer to the floor in asort of deranged ripple...WOW.


And basically thats all you have learned from this post. Oh well, you'd probably worked that out anyway hadnt you?

Over and out kids

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Coursework the new Coke?

WOW. Right, so I've left it a bit late to start re-drafting all of my English Lit coursework. Well, its my own fault I'm failing, I really dont help myself. Ah well, 'ald King Lear is giving me grief at the moment, its not pretty.

I've got a lovely little outfit that I am dying to show you, but alas the camera is still dodgey- and it will stay that way until I own up to having broken it and actually get it fixed! Ah, its on my to do list. You'll have to wait, I bought it and wore it yesterday- something I dont usually do but I had nada that fitted me and I was going out.

Anywhos, I bought ELLE yesterday too, something which gives me pure pleasure. Had a flick through but I intend to read it thoroughly after I've done some proper work- thats right, Im working on a reward system now, things have gotten that bad.

God I dont half chat on, this isnt a blog its a stream of conciousness, but then again I reckon thats a birrof what bloggin is about, but then again its supposed to be interesting and this is hardly gripping stuff is it? Soz lad. Im boring, I have a boring life, ergo my blog has very little opportunity to be fantasmical.

Grrr I'll have to save myself by writing or posting something to do with clothes. Lemme think..
Well, I am due for a new pair of heels- something I cant afford like but still. These would be nice...

Yeah, sorry about the dirty link- it wouldnt let me copy and paste the image.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Get out me eye

I've wanted to do something like this for a while but I have either been too busy, too depressed or too dis-organised. Now seems like a nice time as I've just finished a bit of work and Im feeling mellow and clear.

Okay, so in sight of recent times when "jumping on the bandwaggon" seems to be the new way to be original I've began to think about who or what influences me. After a little while I managed to come up with a few things, though Im not really sure this does me any favours (some of the things are either really gimpy, or really obscure) but then I suppose that sums me up.

Jane Birkin. Bob dylan lyrics. Freddie Mercury.Queen. Audrey Hepburn. Bridget Jones. Elle. 60's/70's. Wall Paper. Brass Bands. My Trombone. Texture. Levis. England. Music. Theatre. British Film. The Mods. Fred Perry. Liverpool. Friends. Family. Books. Depression. Heritage. Florals. Knitwear. Acoustic sounds. Gold. Humour. Writing. Listening. Cold. Syntax. Popular culture. The Beatles. Madness. Paranoia. Love. Fashion.

Alright, bit more than a few but once I got going I couldn't stop, elements of me kept popping up, questioning their relevance and I felt like I would be cheating myself if I didnt include them. Then again I've no doubt left an awful lot out, but sometimes I doubt whether the things I call influences are actually that dominant in my life or whether I cling to them in the false shallow hope that they make me out to be or seem a certain way. I hope I don't do that too much, but then again I believe it's human to nature to adapt and "latch on" to certain things for security or assurance.

I really wanted to create a sort of virtual moodboard, but I have the technical wit of an OAP so naturally, that was impossible. I was thinking about creating one for my new bedroom wall but my camera has gone all moody on me after I dropped it and subsequently I have no way of showing you- I really need to sort that out actually, otherwise I'll have no camera for Summer. Anyhow, I think I'll still make that influence-board thingy as I'd like to have it as a nice feature in my room.
For now, I'll leave you with some snaps of my inspirations, and I'll try and explain what draws me to them- though I've never really been too great at that.

I think the thing I love about her is that until recently, I hadnt realised how alike we were. Alright alright alright, not in the looks or popularity department- god dont remind me. But just the way I share her tastes, style-ish and had the same haircut as her without realising. Also, the things she stood for and how she was a kind of icon of her time and the era she boomed in. I think I've always just fancied living back then, and being part of it all, but being honest I doubt I would of been anywhere near "Our Jane".
For me, The 60's/70's were the best time for british culture/music/fashion. Then again, Im extremely biased. I always say it, and I know I'm repeating myself here but I would KILL to live in this era. I love it all, The mods, the clothes, the music, the attitude, everythang. Films such as Quadrophenia, Billy Liar, Breakfast at Tiffany's (yes I know thats in New York but yegetme) This is England and all those British films speak volumes to me. Particularly in Quad, Billy Liar and This is England I love the "coming of age" theme which although not exactly "original". the way in which the directors encorporate a changing Britain with "teen angst" shows the importance of growing up in a Country so diverse and rich in culture. The importance of fitting in and the quest to be on to the new scene is still alive now, and something which is felt by most kids my age. For some reason though, in my opinion anyway, it just seems like there was so much more going on back then, they seemed to discover everything, and all we've got left to do is either emulate them, re-discover what they discovered and call it "retro" or completely shun their ideology and make our own- based on the music of G-UNIT and his mates....If its a toss up, I'd prefer to be take their discoveries and intertwine them with my own.
Perhaps I should of given each of these inspirations their own post- I've got a little carried away here. But then, I suppose it shows my love for them. I'll stop now as Im getting a bit peeved that I havent got a scooter, a mod boyfriend, or Jane Birkin's legs.
Apologies for the novel, I know I have about two readers, and guys- if you cant be arsed reading this then fair enough, the huge chunk of text would put me off aswell. But sometimes its nice to get your heard cleared and look at what you base your self style and opinions on as, well I feel, that it allows you to be clearer in the way you present yourself.
Or maybe Im just talking absolute nonesense- I wouldnt put it past me. I do it alot.
Im off, over and out kids.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The rain in Spain..

back from Salou- it was FREEEZING.
Im still angry, but apart from the lack of heat and the insane amount of wind, it was still very sunny and pleasant. Fraid I didnt get many photos- but just imagine a lot of jumpers, tights, and wayfarers- and a VERY grumpy looking Vic.
Nat good.
But im home now and plan to get some snaps whilst im revising...

over and out fellas.


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Procrastination is on of my favourite hobbies

I am going on holiday on Monday morning, 6:30am to be precise, harsh timing.
I need to start packing, bought a few little goodies to wear but I am in a lazy mood so havent took photos, il try and get some shnaps in the sun.

Bad mood, Bad few weeks.

I need something to cheer me up, I feel like ive been dressing in head to toe black for days, its seeping into my bloodstream and effecting my conciousness. Naaat good, Im fed up.

But (And I agree its cheesy) I have some proper fantasmic friends who dont half make me laugh, so rather than mope and feel sorry for myself i think il sort out a girls night. Fashion show me thinks.

over and out


Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I thought I liked English Lit. I thought I enjoyed it. At one moment in time, I thought I was good at it.
How foolish of me. This 1500 essay is certainly proving me wrong.
Ive been watching Quadrophenia over and over this week. Its a guilty pleasure because a) I love the mods b) I love the sixties and firmly believe I should of been born then c) There is at least one Fred Perry polo shirt in every shot- my fave staple wardrobe item and d) phill daniels. nuff said.
The only down side to this is that I am now craving another fred polo to add to my ever increasing selection...


Monday, 22 March 2010

pitter patter

Its raining outside, the sky has suddenly turned a moody grey and the faint bit of sunshine that was tickling the pavement this afternoon has since been bullied behind a cloud.

Weather report over I think I'll comment on the relevance of this, as I mentioned a while back Mumford and Sons' album was my sundtrack to all the snow we had a few months ago. Ive decided to revive it as my rain song, Im sat here with my knitting, The cave blasting out, watching the rain fall and I feel oddly chilled out. This is nice. Havent felt like this in a while.
I really shouldnt be this relaxed as i have a 1500 English Lit piece in for tomorrow which I have yet to start, and I have band practice at 8.

oh well. im too chilled to move.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

My names Victoria... and Im an addict.

As it is Lent, and therefore as a (good) catholic i have given up something I normally do a lot- in my case drink coffee, I am sufferring immensly. At the start I thought I was fine, didnt need coffee, "I can go withouth my daily cappucino", and afterall, who really needs that Grande Cafe Latte every time they walk past Costa, Starbucks or Cafe Nero?

Me. That's who. Me.

40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS. Im in agony, its actually hurting me, Ive learnt alot about myself these past few weeks and that is, mainly, I am an addict. Coffee, although a milder substance is actually my addiction and to be quite honest- after evaluating my random spazms every time I pass the coffee houses on Bold Street I have come to the conclusion that I am a caffine junkie.

However, seeing as it is a Sunday, and apparantly you are allowed a little bit of what you gave up on a Sunday, I have consumed a glorious Cappuccino and one medium roast of good, rich coffffaaay. And i have to say, after my likkle fix, I am feeling much better- if a little guilty...

Anyways, concience cleared.

I was looking for a jumper before,after I'd finished music practice and seeking nothing that pleased me in my own wardrobe I ventured into the parental boudoir. Normally i just grab an old jumper from my dads workwear pile, but as i was looking, something caught my eye. I often have these little epiphanies when Ill suddenly see something rather ordinary and suddenly it will flash across my mind as part of an outfit. Not claiming to be on par with the likes of Karl Largerfeld like, that would just be pretentious, however what Im eluding to is that when I saw this little tatty tan-brown fleece weeping in my mother's wardrobe, I had a birrof a brainwave.

Wadda ya think? Its pyarrr warm and cosy, so even if you are repulsed I do not care. Im in love....


Friday, 19 March 2010

Hello Oxford. Goodbye Cambridge. (and my life)

After my recent Oxbridge conference (yes, thats right folks, I thought I'd try my hand at being an itellectual for once) I have decided that I no longer wish to attend Cambridge. The A A A* requirements made me feel a wee bit ill. Instead, I have decided to acknowledge Oxford as a possibility. CALM DOWN. I wont actually get in, but seeing how you can only apply for either or, I have come to the decision that Oxford's A A A requirements are less likely to produce a heartattack.
For most people, the chance to attend a prestigious Uni such as Oxford would be a good kick up the arse to be motivated and start doing some work. I on the other hand seem to be dwelling in a paradox, where the best way to achieve success is to waste my life on facebook, blogging, music or shopping. Sure-fire way to get into Oxford. Deffo. Ofcourse. Without a shadow of a... oh WHO AM I KIDDING?

Meh, whilst I wallow in self pity heres some photos for you to scran on...


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Writing seems to be taking a lead over Blogging. Such is the life of a 17year old sixthformer.
I think the other reason this Blog is slowing to an unsatisfactory halt is due to the fact that i have NO money with which to purchase clothes which i can then blog about. Fair enough i should stop being lazy and Blog about current fashion etc. but i much prefer writing about my own little goodies or something which has effected me personally. Selfish i know, but its my blog so I'll do what I want ;)



Okay, il stop now, its not your fault im bankrupt.

p.s- cash bundles or free clothes would be very much appreciated.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

No no, im only window shopping...


As if i wasnt going to buy anything.

I did have more photos, but i had a disagreement with the camera and it deleted them.

I hate technology, from now on i shall post only oil paintings of my clothes...


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

One Day...

One day, I will have pretty hair, and a nice nose, and either two or no dimples rather than one random one on my cheek.

One day, i will own a gorgeous house in either New York, London, Liverpool, Austrailia, Paris, Spain...Or all of the before mentioned.

One day, i will have gigantic bean poles for legs, and eyes as big and blue as deepest darkest ocean.

One day, i will be graceful, charasmatic and full of wit,charm and elegance.

One day, i will have achieved everything i ever though of doing, no matter how small its significance or relevance.

And seeing how i seem to be living in a dream world, One day i will own this

The Alexa Mulberry. *sighs*

Yep, my newest bag crush is this little beauty. Although ive never really been into the "it" bag thing- The chloe paddington banaza amongst WAGS never really caught my attention. But this is different, this is mulberry, and a satchel, and brown, and ofcourse, its called alexa- my four favourite things...

Seen on the arms of many a trendy London night owl, this new "must have" bad- (yes im determined not to use the word "it") seems to be making quite a splash on the fashion scene.

However, as with most "it" (eugh, lack of vocab forced me) bags, the reason they are so popular is because they are sooooo unattainable. With the crem de la crem of fashion society having to put their names on a waiting list to simply sniff the luxurious leather. However, i have a theory. The reason the new Alexa bag is seemingly unavailable to even the important (yes, sorry guys, thats not us) people, is because a CERTAIN SOMEONE seems to have nabbed one in every colour...

Fair enough, it was inspired by and named after her but if you ask me, that's just greedy.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TOP of the SHOPs

TOPSHOP IS MY LOVER... We do it in the wardrobe.

Get it?
Just me?

Anyway, bad jokes aside Im sure any girl on the planet would agree that TOPSHOP is the haven of all things pretty, cool, fashionable, and- before the high fashion vultures attack my bold statement...AFFORDABLE!
Yeah thats right, for those of us who dream about owning a Chanel bag and can only drool over those new Christian Louboutins, TOPSHOP is the go-to place for the lates trends and key season pieces. But Im sure you're wondering where this sudden Topper's lusting has accumilated from? Well, a bit of online browsing today has led me to decide that I no no, i NEED nearly every single summer dress off their website.
The new summer collection has already hit the website and is making me resent this cold british weather even more. But a girl can dream, and for now, i plan to spend every bitter evening surfing the TOPSHOP website living out my summer fantasies.
Their swimsuits are not to be sniffed at either, and as my April break (salou) draws nearer, my desire for all things TOPSHOP has soared to ridiculous new highs!
Unfortunately I cant show any pictures on here, stupid link issues. But I'd reccomend you take a look, i swear you wont be disappionted! And if you are, well, maybe knitted jumpers and wooly hats are just your thing...


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well that failed

As usual, i get all enthusiastic and then realise... i REALLY dont have time to make a fashion journal

How foolish.

Ive decided, whenever im wearing something which i particularly love then Ill take a snap and write about it, but for now Im saying goodbye to my failed fashion journal.


In other news, its my Birthday in like 2 weeks- something i actually forgot until someone recently pointed it out to me. (you know youre getting old when you suddenly forget your birthday)

So, whilst i thought Id get driving lessons (something im now reconsidering due to the fact that i plan to go to uni in London next year and a car would simply be unpractical) I decided i need a watch. After doing a birrof searching i decided on a gold casio watch, and i was extatic when i found a brand new one on ebay. bought. posted. awaiting delivery:)

Also, something else i wanted; which my mother wasnt to happy about is a barbour coat. Personally i think these things look fab with a girly dress or with black tights and shorts. However, the genuine articles cost up to £200 which im thinking maybe a little pricey. Hit ebay again and found this little number..

Only down side is, i think it may be a tad (EXTREMELY) big.
I want one I want one I want one.
Also, completely unrelated, but the smiths have provided my soundtrack for the past few days, leaving me feel moody, stagnant and oddly mellow. I cant decide wether its worth it, but girlfriend in a coma, panic and this charmless man are just too good to not think about rain clouds and grey.x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Day 3. pancake tuesday and i have yet to consume ONE!

Casual is the word today. I have a mountain of school work and a music thoery lesson later so its not the time to be glamorous...Not that i ever am i suppose.

I have already developed a fetish over the head scarf from yesterday Im afraid.

and yes, only just realised the second picture is the wrong way round. No idea how to correct that so give your neck muscles some exercise ;)

DAY 2. 15.02.2010

Bit late putting these on but shhhh.
Today is going to be spent trecking round town so i need comfort and warmth!!

Blazer- TOPSHOP.

Shirt/ Dress- Primarni with some diy.

Black skirt- H&M.


I Got a fab new dress from H&m and the cutest little headscarf from my favourite vintage jem in Liverpool Little Red Vintage.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

What i wore today

Ive been meaning to get some actual photgraphs on here for a while, unfortunately i am niether photogenic or hold any knowledge of technology so its been a slow process.

This is a clothes-journal that ive decided to make, just to see how my own style flows and to basically see how many times i repeat or over-wear an item of clothing- which im paranoid is something i do far too much...

DAY ONE. 14/ 02/ 2010.

The shirt- no idea, its years old but one of those "olf faithful" items you wear over and over and over and over and... you get the picture.
The jumper- TOPSHOP, im in love with stripes, so the fact that this ticks the nautical and sparkkly trends make it a must have.
The shorts- again an old but reliable buy. Matalan last summer, im never out of them, theyre great to mix with tights, barelegs (bruised in my case) or knee highs.
First day done- Im going to try and master better photography skills but for now these will have to do!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rose Tinted Gaze...

Ignore the rain.

Iwant them RAHHH NOW.

These are on my wishlist...
Something tells me they'll be on that list for quite some time ...

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Don't be a jerk jonny...

I love finding a song or album that I'll listen to over and over again until i know the words back to front without ever getting bored of or end up despising.

I' ve got my eye on these guys..

The Drums.

Not just because they're rather scrumtious to look at, but also because they've got one of the best "feel'good" albums out at the moment and I can tell they are gonna play a major role in my summer soundtrack.

Songs such as "Don't be a jerk jonny" and "Lets go surfing" will have you humming, whistling and dancing after about the first few bars. And if thats not persuasive enough, you can always imagine they're singing the catchy (infact it remids me of the hand-clapping games i used to play in school) "Make you mine" especially for you... I know i have a few times!


Monday, 1 February 2010

Why do we do it to ourselves?

Phillip Lim. Net-a-porter.... Elizabeth and James. Net-a-porter.... Kiminchi & Blue. Urban Outfitters .... ASOS....

we KNOW we cant afford them....

we Know we'll never own them...

but me and Alex will still sit here and torture outrselves with all these pretty pretty dresses...


Sunday, 31 January 2010

me- in dress form

Dress: Urban Outfitters, tba.

You know when you find a dress, and realise it was designed, manufactured and put out on the rails specifically for you?


Just me then?




Of all the things i should be doing at this very moment, this is definately not high priority.

Decided to give this blog a whirl- after all, if it's between writing about Shakespear's "King Lear" for my coursework or anything slightly related to Fashion, i know which I would prefer...

Sorry Shakespeare.