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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well that failed

As usual, i get all enthusiastic and then realise... i REALLY dont have time to make a fashion journal

How foolish.

Ive decided, whenever im wearing something which i particularly love then Ill take a snap and write about it, but for now Im saying goodbye to my failed fashion journal.


In other news, its my Birthday in like 2 weeks- something i actually forgot until someone recently pointed it out to me. (you know youre getting old when you suddenly forget your birthday)

So, whilst i thought Id get driving lessons (something im now reconsidering due to the fact that i plan to go to uni in London next year and a car would simply be unpractical) I decided i need a watch. After doing a birrof searching i decided on a gold casio watch, and i was extatic when i found a brand new one on ebay. bought. posted. awaiting delivery:)

Also, something else i wanted; which my mother wasnt to happy about is a barbour coat. Personally i think these things look fab with a girly dress or with black tights and shorts. However, the genuine articles cost up to £200 which im thinking maybe a little pricey. Hit ebay again and found this little number..

Only down side is, i think it may be a tad (EXTREMELY) big.
I want one I want one I want one.
Also, completely unrelated, but the smiths have provided my soundtrack for the past few days, leaving me feel moody, stagnant and oddly mellow. I cant decide wether its worth it, but girlfriend in a coma, panic and this charmless man are just too good to not think about rain clouds and grey.x

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