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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Procrastination is on of my favourite hobbies

I am going on holiday on Monday morning, 6:30am to be precise, harsh timing.
I need to start packing, bought a few little goodies to wear but I am in a lazy mood so havent took photos, il try and get some shnaps in the sun.

Bad mood, Bad few weeks.

I need something to cheer me up, I feel like ive been dressing in head to toe black for days, its seeping into my bloodstream and effecting my conciousness. Naaat good, Im fed up.

But (And I agree its cheesy) I have some proper fantasmic friends who dont half make me laugh, so rather than mope and feel sorry for myself i think il sort out a girls night. Fashion show me thinks.

over and out


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  1. I've passed on a blog award to you :)