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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TOP of the SHOPs

TOPSHOP IS MY LOVER... We do it in the wardrobe.

Get it?
Just me?

Anyway, bad jokes aside Im sure any girl on the planet would agree that TOPSHOP is the haven of all things pretty, cool, fashionable, and- before the high fashion vultures attack my bold statement...AFFORDABLE!
Yeah thats right, for those of us who dream about owning a Chanel bag and can only drool over those new Christian Louboutins, TOPSHOP is the go-to place for the lates trends and key season pieces. But Im sure you're wondering where this sudden Topper's lusting has accumilated from? Well, a bit of online browsing today has led me to decide that I no no, i NEED nearly every single summer dress off their website.
The new summer collection has already hit the website and is making me resent this cold british weather even more. But a girl can dream, and for now, i plan to spend every bitter evening surfing the TOPSHOP website living out my summer fantasies.
Their swimsuits are not to be sniffed at either, and as my April break (salou) draws nearer, my desire for all things TOPSHOP has soared to ridiculous new highs!
Unfortunately I cant show any pictures on here, stupid link issues. But I'd reccomend you take a look, i swear you wont be disappionted! And if you are, well, maybe knitted jumpers and wooly hats are just your thing...


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