Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of your shoes.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Don't be a jerk jonny...

I love finding a song or album that I'll listen to over and over again until i know the words back to front without ever getting bored of or end up despising.

I' ve got my eye on these guys..

The Drums.

Not just because they're rather scrumtious to look at, but also because they've got one of the best "feel'good" albums out at the moment and I can tell they are gonna play a major role in my summer soundtrack.

Songs such as "Don't be a jerk jonny" and "Lets go surfing" will have you humming, whistling and dancing after about the first few bars. And if thats not persuasive enough, you can always imagine they're singing the catchy (infact it remids me of the hand-clapping games i used to play in school) "Make you mine" especially for you... I know i have a few times!


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