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Friday, 19 March 2010

Hello Oxford. Goodbye Cambridge. (and my life)

After my recent Oxbridge conference (yes, thats right folks, I thought I'd try my hand at being an itellectual for once) I have decided that I no longer wish to attend Cambridge. The A A A* requirements made me feel a wee bit ill. Instead, I have decided to acknowledge Oxford as a possibility. CALM DOWN. I wont actually get in, but seeing how you can only apply for either or, I have come to the decision that Oxford's A A A requirements are less likely to produce a heartattack.
For most people, the chance to attend a prestigious Uni such as Oxford would be a good kick up the arse to be motivated and start doing some work. I on the other hand seem to be dwelling in a paradox, where the best way to achieve success is to waste my life on facebook, blogging, music or shopping. Sure-fire way to get into Oxford. Deffo. Ofcourse. Without a shadow of a... oh WHO AM I KIDDING?

Meh, whilst I wallow in self pity heres some photos for you to scran on...


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