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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Get out me eye

I've wanted to do something like this for a while but I have either been too busy, too depressed or too dis-organised. Now seems like a nice time as I've just finished a bit of work and Im feeling mellow and clear.

Okay, so in sight of recent times when "jumping on the bandwaggon" seems to be the new way to be original I've began to think about who or what influences me. After a little while I managed to come up with a few things, though Im not really sure this does me any favours (some of the things are either really gimpy, or really obscure) but then I suppose that sums me up.

Jane Birkin. Bob dylan lyrics. Freddie Mercury.Queen. Audrey Hepburn. Bridget Jones. Elle. 60's/70's. Wall Paper. Brass Bands. My Trombone. Texture. Levis. England. Music. Theatre. British Film. The Mods. Fred Perry. Liverpool. Friends. Family. Books. Depression. Heritage. Florals. Knitwear. Acoustic sounds. Gold. Humour. Writing. Listening. Cold. Syntax. Popular culture. The Beatles. Madness. Paranoia. Love. Fashion.

Alright, bit more than a few but once I got going I couldn't stop, elements of me kept popping up, questioning their relevance and I felt like I would be cheating myself if I didnt include them. Then again I've no doubt left an awful lot out, but sometimes I doubt whether the things I call influences are actually that dominant in my life or whether I cling to them in the false shallow hope that they make me out to be or seem a certain way. I hope I don't do that too much, but then again I believe it's human to nature to adapt and "latch on" to certain things for security or assurance.

I really wanted to create a sort of virtual moodboard, but I have the technical wit of an OAP so naturally, that was impossible. I was thinking about creating one for my new bedroom wall but my camera has gone all moody on me after I dropped it and subsequently I have no way of showing you- I really need to sort that out actually, otherwise I'll have no camera for Summer. Anyhow, I think I'll still make that influence-board thingy as I'd like to have it as a nice feature in my room.
For now, I'll leave you with some snaps of my inspirations, and I'll try and explain what draws me to them- though I've never really been too great at that.

I think the thing I love about her is that until recently, I hadnt realised how alike we were. Alright alright alright, not in the looks or popularity department- god dont remind me. But just the way I share her tastes, style-ish and had the same haircut as her without realising. Also, the things she stood for and how she was a kind of icon of her time and the era she boomed in. I think I've always just fancied living back then, and being part of it all, but being honest I doubt I would of been anywhere near "Our Jane".
For me, The 60's/70's were the best time for british culture/music/fashion. Then again, Im extremely biased. I always say it, and I know I'm repeating myself here but I would KILL to live in this era. I love it all, The mods, the clothes, the music, the attitude, everythang. Films such as Quadrophenia, Billy Liar, Breakfast at Tiffany's (yes I know thats in New York but yegetme) This is England and all those British films speak volumes to me. Particularly in Quad, Billy Liar and This is England I love the "coming of age" theme which although not exactly "original". the way in which the directors encorporate a changing Britain with "teen angst" shows the importance of growing up in a Country so diverse and rich in culture. The importance of fitting in and the quest to be on to the new scene is still alive now, and something which is felt by most kids my age. For some reason though, in my opinion anyway, it just seems like there was so much more going on back then, they seemed to discover everything, and all we've got left to do is either emulate them, re-discover what they discovered and call it "retro" or completely shun their ideology and make our own- based on the music of G-UNIT and his mates....If its a toss up, I'd prefer to be take their discoveries and intertwine them with my own.
Perhaps I should of given each of these inspirations their own post- I've got a little carried away here. But then, I suppose it shows my love for them. I'll stop now as Im getting a bit peeved that I havent got a scooter, a mod boyfriend, or Jane Birkin's legs.
Apologies for the novel, I know I have about two readers, and guys- if you cant be arsed reading this then fair enough, the huge chunk of text would put me off aswell. But sometimes its nice to get your heard cleared and look at what you base your self style and opinions on as, well I feel, that it allows you to be clearer in the way you present yourself.
Or maybe Im just talking absolute nonesense- I wouldnt put it past me. I do it alot.
Im off, over and out kids.


  1. Good post :) Not absolute nonsense!

  2. I liked it too vic.
    So many things inspire you and it makes you who you are today.
    Its nice to delve into the mind of an indie kid too ;)