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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Come on rude boy boy boy...

Oh my goodness, what is it about this song that

A) makes me think im Rihanna?
B) makes me think i can DANCE like Rihanna?
C) Turns every girl i know into a dirty shhhlag everytime we hear it?

I am NAAAT into this kind of music at.all, trust me, i am the most "white" person ever- with no intention to be racist there, but anyone who knows me will know that im more "geek chic" than "homeboii". That being said, i think this song is epic, as soon as it comes on, my legs start going, arms in the air, hand on hip...GRINDING.

Histerical, i was at a lil get together the other night with some friends, this came on and we went into histerics, dirty dancing all over the place- and i assure you, none of us are "those kinda girls" if yegetme???

Plus we have this dirty little obsession with "the walk"- this wierd thing we do, each time we step geting closer to the floor in asort of deranged ripple...WOW.


And basically thats all you have learned from this post. Oh well, you'd probably worked that out anyway hadnt you?

Over and out kids


  1. the 'move' is amazing.
    i am rihanna when i do it.
    with all my hip extensions ;)

  2. we are fiiiat getting low on Liz's floor.
    Love us.