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Monday, 22 March 2010

pitter patter

Its raining outside, the sky has suddenly turned a moody grey and the faint bit of sunshine that was tickling the pavement this afternoon has since been bullied behind a cloud.

Weather report over I think I'll comment on the relevance of this, as I mentioned a while back Mumford and Sons' album was my sundtrack to all the snow we had a few months ago. Ive decided to revive it as my rain song, Im sat here with my knitting, The cave blasting out, watching the rain fall and I feel oddly chilled out. This is nice. Havent felt like this in a while.
I really shouldnt be this relaxed as i have a 1500 English Lit piece in for tomorrow which I have yet to start, and I have band practice at 8.

oh well. im too chilled to move.


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