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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Coursework the new Coke?

WOW. Right, so I've left it a bit late to start re-drafting all of my English Lit coursework. Well, its my own fault I'm failing, I really dont help myself. Ah well, 'ald King Lear is giving me grief at the moment, its not pretty.

I've got a lovely little outfit that I am dying to show you, but alas the camera is still dodgey- and it will stay that way until I own up to having broken it and actually get it fixed! Ah, its on my to do list. You'll have to wait, I bought it and wore it yesterday- something I dont usually do but I had nada that fitted me and I was going out.

Anywhos, I bought ELLE yesterday too, something which gives me pure pleasure. Had a flick through but I intend to read it thoroughly after I've done some proper work- thats right, Im working on a reward system now, things have gotten that bad.

God I dont half chat on, this isnt a blog its a stream of conciousness, but then again I reckon thats a birrof what bloggin is about, but then again its supposed to be interesting and this is hardly gripping stuff is it? Soz lad. Im boring, I have a boring life, ergo my blog has very little opportunity to be fantasmical.

Grrr I'll have to save myself by writing or posting something to do with clothes. Lemme think..
Well, I am due for a new pair of heels- something I cant afford like but still. These would be nice...

Yeah, sorry about the dirty link- it wouldnt let me copy and paste the image.

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