Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of your shoes.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TOP of the SHOPs

TOPSHOP IS MY LOVER... We do it in the wardrobe.

Get it?
Just me?

Anyway, bad jokes aside Im sure any girl on the planet would agree that TOPSHOP is the haven of all things pretty, cool, fashionable, and- before the high fashion vultures attack my bold statement...AFFORDABLE!
Yeah thats right, for those of us who dream about owning a Chanel bag and can only drool over those new Christian Louboutins, TOPSHOP is the go-to place for the lates trends and key season pieces. But Im sure you're wondering where this sudden Topper's lusting has accumilated from? Well, a bit of online browsing today has led me to decide that I no no, i NEED nearly every single summer dress off their website.
The new summer collection has already hit the website and is making me resent this cold british weather even more. But a girl can dream, and for now, i plan to spend every bitter evening surfing the TOPSHOP website living out my summer fantasies.
Their swimsuits are not to be sniffed at either, and as my April break (salou) draws nearer, my desire for all things TOPSHOP has soared to ridiculous new highs!
Unfortunately I cant show any pictures on here, stupid link issues. But I'd reccomend you take a look, i swear you wont be disappionted! And if you are, well, maybe knitted jumpers and wooly hats are just your thing...


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well that failed

As usual, i get all enthusiastic and then realise... i REALLY dont have time to make a fashion journal

How foolish.

Ive decided, whenever im wearing something which i particularly love then Ill take a snap and write about it, but for now Im saying goodbye to my failed fashion journal.


In other news, its my Birthday in like 2 weeks- something i actually forgot until someone recently pointed it out to me. (you know youre getting old when you suddenly forget your birthday)

So, whilst i thought Id get driving lessons (something im now reconsidering due to the fact that i plan to go to uni in London next year and a car would simply be unpractical) I decided i need a watch. After doing a birrof searching i decided on a gold casio watch, and i was extatic when i found a brand new one on ebay. bought. posted. awaiting delivery:)

Also, something else i wanted; which my mother wasnt to happy about is a barbour coat. Personally i think these things look fab with a girly dress or with black tights and shorts. However, the genuine articles cost up to £200 which im thinking maybe a little pricey. Hit ebay again and found this little number..

Only down side is, i think it may be a tad (EXTREMELY) big.
I want one I want one I want one.
Also, completely unrelated, but the smiths have provided my soundtrack for the past few days, leaving me feel moody, stagnant and oddly mellow. I cant decide wether its worth it, but girlfriend in a coma, panic and this charmless man are just too good to not think about rain clouds and grey.x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Day 3. pancake tuesday and i have yet to consume ONE!

Casual is the word today. I have a mountain of school work and a music thoery lesson later so its not the time to be glamorous...Not that i ever am i suppose.

I have already developed a fetish over the head scarf from yesterday Im afraid.

and yes, only just realised the second picture is the wrong way round. No idea how to correct that so give your neck muscles some exercise ;)

DAY 2. 15.02.2010

Bit late putting these on but shhhh.
Today is going to be spent trecking round town so i need comfort and warmth!!

Blazer- TOPSHOP.

Shirt/ Dress- Primarni with some diy.

Black skirt- H&M.


I Got a fab new dress from H&m and the cutest little headscarf from my favourite vintage jem in Liverpool Little Red Vintage.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

What i wore today

Ive been meaning to get some actual photgraphs on here for a while, unfortunately i am niether photogenic or hold any knowledge of technology so its been a slow process.

This is a clothes-journal that ive decided to make, just to see how my own style flows and to basically see how many times i repeat or over-wear an item of clothing- which im paranoid is something i do far too much...

DAY ONE. 14/ 02/ 2010.

The shirt- no idea, its years old but one of those "olf faithful" items you wear over and over and over and over and... you get the picture.
The jumper- TOPSHOP, im in love with stripes, so the fact that this ticks the nautical and sparkkly trends make it a must have.
The shorts- again an old but reliable buy. Matalan last summer, im never out of them, theyre great to mix with tights, barelegs (bruised in my case) or knee highs.
First day done- Im going to try and master better photography skills but for now these will have to do!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rose Tinted Gaze...

Ignore the rain.

Iwant them RAHHH NOW.

These are on my wishlist...
Something tells me they'll be on that list for quite some time ...

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Don't be a jerk jonny...

I love finding a song or album that I'll listen to over and over again until i know the words back to front without ever getting bored of or end up despising.

I' ve got my eye on these guys..

The Drums.

Not just because they're rather scrumtious to look at, but also because they've got one of the best "feel'good" albums out at the moment and I can tell they are gonna play a major role in my summer soundtrack.

Songs such as "Don't be a jerk jonny" and "Lets go surfing" will have you humming, whistling and dancing after about the first few bars. And if thats not persuasive enough, you can always imagine they're singing the catchy (infact it remids me of the hand-clapping games i used to play in school) "Make you mine" especially for you... I know i have a few times!


Monday, 1 February 2010

Why do we do it to ourselves?

Phillip Lim. Net-a-porter.... Elizabeth and James. Net-a-porter.... Kiminchi & Blue. Urban Outfitters .... ASOS....

we KNOW we cant afford them....

we Know we'll never own them...

but me and Alex will still sit here and torture outrselves with all these pretty pretty dresses...