Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of your shoes.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

One Day...

One day, I will have pretty hair, and a nice nose, and either two or no dimples rather than one random one on my cheek.

One day, i will own a gorgeous house in either New York, London, Liverpool, Austrailia, Paris, Spain...Or all of the before mentioned.

One day, i will have gigantic bean poles for legs, and eyes as big and blue as deepest darkest ocean.

One day, i will be graceful, charasmatic and full of wit,charm and elegance.

One day, i will have achieved everything i ever though of doing, no matter how small its significance or relevance.

And seeing how i seem to be living in a dream world, One day i will own this

The Alexa Mulberry. *sighs*

Yep, my newest bag crush is this little beauty. Although ive never really been into the "it" bag thing- The chloe paddington banaza amongst WAGS never really caught my attention. But this is different, this is mulberry, and a satchel, and brown, and ofcourse, its called alexa- my four favourite things...

Seen on the arms of many a trendy London night owl, this new "must have" bad- (yes im determined not to use the word "it") seems to be making quite a splash on the fashion scene.

However, as with most "it" (eugh, lack of vocab forced me) bags, the reason they are so popular is because they are sooooo unattainable. With the crem de la crem of fashion society having to put their names on a waiting list to simply sniff the luxurious leather. However, i have a theory. The reason the new Alexa bag is seemingly unavailable to even the important (yes, sorry guys, thats not us) people, is because a CERTAIN SOMEONE seems to have nabbed one in every colour...

Fair enough, it was inspired by and named after her but if you ask me, that's just greedy.



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag!! I hope you get to own it one day, even if you aren't one of those lucky "important people"!

  2. I LOVE that our jad commented this! haha!
    you are gorgeous so shut that up right now.
    blogs are to moan yes, but not LIE!
    i love that you love my name too, alex, alexa, whats the difference?