Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of your shoes.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Finished my exams.

Left school.

Got the sickest summer ahead.

The only thing I'll miss is this lot.

My Geezers


Friday, 8 April 2011

i(want a)mac

Just me looking like Jarvis Cocker on Photobooth.....

*I don't actually look this.....
*just saying
*stretch tool was deffo used.


Sunday, 3 April 2011


If there was anyone I could be, know, or even meet...

[Jane Birkin with Serge Gainsbourg]

[Jane Birkin]

I reckon Jane would be PYAR sound.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

G. litter

Remember when you were little and you used to throw glitter over EVERYTHING?

Pictures, shoes, clothes, hair, warevz?

Well, now I'm pyar into putting it on yer face.

* Not all over your face, calm down.

Just the eye area.

Miss mad'ed Lily Allen had triumphed this look since Glasto, when she appeared with a rainbow of sparkly colour on her eyes.

I really really like this, and whilst I am aware that I can't really pull it off like R Lil can, I think I'm gonna try a slightly more subtle look.

Here's a few snaps that have inspired my passion, when I finally stop being a lazy arse I will get some pictures of my interpretation.

Can't wait to wear this out!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Dry your eyes mate

Gorra cheeky date with this fella tonight aven't I?

Well, alright, not a 'date'. More like, I'm going to be in the same room as him whilst he performs in front of loads of people.

But still.

Made up.

Mike Skinner. The Streets. (fucking gerron to it)


Tuesday, 15 February 2011


After the Fred mishap (agh) I was on the hunt for another dress, and boy did I find one. I've been after a shift dress for ages and after a birrof retail therapy yesterday in ZARA (amayo place) I found the suarvest dress evurrrrr.

And it's leopard print.

And silk.
Errrr, GET IN.

Soz abar the pyar photoshoot, got a bit carried away.
But how boss is the dress? Very 60's I reckon- and you know how I dig that.

P.S If you're not already onto them I suggest you give Bon Iver a listen, they've been out a fair while but I picked up their album for a whopping £1 yesterday in town, I'd already heard a few songs off it but it's so mellow and chilled, it's been on repeat in my room and now I'm feeling all 'ahhhhhhhhh'


Sunday, 6 February 2011


"I didn't aspire to be a good sport; 'Champion' was good enough for me"Fred Perry

Go 'ed lad.

(That's not him by the way, that's just an angry skin head)

So you know I love the Fred Perry Brand. I love the heritage, the culture, the fit and just the general pride of owning the classic 'polo'. But a few days ago I came across the new Richard Nicoll collaboration collection on the Fred Perry website.....

'Nuff said.

After parting with £114 (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) I am now the proud owner of this lil numba;

product thumbnail

Wadaya think?
My sister told me it looks like something I could of picked up from Bonmarche for a fiver.
I disagree.
I love the pastel colours and the way it makes me look like a camp 6 year old boy. Odd fashion aspirations I grant you, but I've never been a glamour gal.
As soon as I saw it I had visions of me strutting round Zante, Poland, Holland, Amsterdam, Lanzorote and London in it this summer - get on the amount of countries I'm visiting there.
I'm thinking a lil pair of brown brogues and maybe a skinny belt, plus a pair of SKA specs and I'd pretty much be personifying myself with this outfit.
I know a lot of people may dis-like the dress, I get that, I respect it, but I've always been a birrof a tomboy so I love the girly twist to the boyish frame of the polo.
I am DEFFO getting a few snaps in this when it arrives.
Let me know your opinion of it though, bearing in mind I have just spend some of my Uni savings on it.
In a while crocodile

Thursday, 20 January 2011

"A man can't enjoy a shuffle in his own coffin?"

-That's off misfits. Get on it.


So as a Liverpudlian chick I like to keep my head above water in terms of scouse goings-on. There's PYAR LOADS happening in the city, aside from the decent nightlife and shops the music scene is pretty champ. I love that new talent is really supported and actually has the opportunity to thrive here. I'd say some decent venues to check out would be The Zanzibar, The Shipping Forecast, Mojo and obv. the 02 academy- but that's just a few, there's literally up-and-coming bands spilling out of the arsehole of Liverpool.

And I think that's boss.

I was going to bang on about some of my favourite new bands, but I decided against it, I think I'll wait till my next gig to gush about a band, try and do a proper review perhaps?

After reading this issue of 'bido lito' - Liverpool's music magazine, my fingers started to itch, after reading some of the reviews (and, no offence, the silly amount of typos- eh I'm not bitching, I'm just a grammar freak) I really think I could have a go of this whole 'writing' lark. Well, I can have a go like.

So I've got a few gigs coming up, and my friend is showing at an upcoming art exhibition so maybe I could do a shout out for that. Anyways I will let you know if I decide to submit, I'll give you a tasty preview beforehand- you fellas can be my spell check.


Myself and a few amigos are bashing Black Swan on Saturday- mega excited for it, I shall let you all know how it goes. My lad mates won't shut up about the lesbo scene when Natalie Portman gets licked out, something for everyone I suppose...

That's all I got fellas. Hope it's all kicking off for you.
Type soon

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So I love music; I play it, I sing it, I dance badly to it and I collect it. I'm sure you've all got an album that you love to play when you're feeling happy, sad, getting ready for a night out or trying to relax.

I'm a birrof an eclectic music fan, I will literally listen to anything (except maybe Heavy Metal- come on now, behave.) Classical to SKA, indie to jazz, I literally love it. There's nothing that can stir my emotions more than Adagio for strings or make me want to bomb it to a dirty, smoky jazz bar than when I hear Ella Fitzgerald, and I have to admit to being front row at a Madness Gig at V festival last year-

I have found that opening your ears to different music can completely change your outlook, people are quick to judge someone on their music taste and often we emulate our favourite artists(but someone please shoot me if I start dressing like Johann Strauss.) Plus I love the heritage and culture that comes along with many genres, however I've got to admit, I'll never be into that whole 'ohmygodI'memoandIhatemylifesooooomuch'- gerragrip.

I could go ahead and post loads of different videos displaying my bizarre music portfolio, and maybe I will soon but I'm a lazy sh* and I'm feeling pyar mellow tonight so I will leave you with the wonder and tragic wreck that is, Chet Baker.

Little biog on this feller- He was a trumpet player who dabbled in singing, and unfortunately heroin. This lad was a talented musician, as a Trombone player I appreciate his playing but as a girl, I appreciate his looks. Well, the post-heroin looks anyway. Sadly the talented geezer died due to his drug abuse but his gift still lives on. My fave songs of his, which he covered, are 'My funny valentine' and 'I get a long without you very well'.

Give them a listen and maybe let me know what you think?



Wednesday, 5 January 2011


it's what I do best.

Last day of freedom today, before I start school again. Can't really say I made the most of it, the highlight of my day would have to be waking up at 10am then running into my parents' empty bedroom and sleeping on their PYAR COMFY bed till 1:15pm.


I should of spent the majority of today on my English Lit coursework which I've had three weeks to do and have yet to start. Boo. Sufficient to say I swerved that like the bubonic plague and did everything else (the clue was in the title of the post).

Amongst my time wasting I managed to screw up a deadline for a reply I had to send back to Leeds University, regarding a number of questions I had to answer. CRAP. I emailed the fella with my answers and apologised for the fact that they were supposed to be sent yesterday by.the.latest.

Good luck getting into Leeds ,Vic.

I've also been listening to Weezer quite a bit, I like them. They're a bit wierd and they're norrarsed. I'd like to adopt that attitude.

Hmm, warrelse?

I wore my new 25" ers (that's what I'll refer to them as now. Keep up) Got them on, but I decided for safety to undo the button, it was looking a bit scared. I like em. They make me feel a bit 50's ish coz they're ankle grazers. Hope I can fasten the button without the use of a shoehorn sometime soon.

Finally, I've been going a bit mad with the following button this afternoon. I decided that if I want this lil stream of ramblings to progress then I'll have to get out there a bit more. The first step was to add blogs which I admire and would genuinely read. Check. Now I've done that I'm just gonna take in what they have to say, maybe throwing a few comments down and hopefully I can pick up a few disciples meself. (I heard thats how blogging works. If I'm wrong giz a shout before I make a show of myself)

Hope 2011 is kicking off nicely for you all.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Right so, iyer, I went to town today, something to do innit, and ended up buying a pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters. They were in the sale for a whopping £20- GET.IN. However the only snag is that they were a 25" waist. I don't have a 25" waist. You see the problem. This didn't stop me from buying them, ha, as if, I saw it as a challenge. I managed to squeeze them on and decided that 25"s is do-able, ish. So thats the lil challenge I've set myself, make these ridiculously cheap, ridiculously small jeans look half decent on me bod.

Wish me luck!

Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 biatch.


2010 is over, bit relieved, it was turning into a bit of a shocker.

So what will 2011 hold? The conventional; school, music, 18th, exams (gulp), summer ( and ultimately (well, hopefully) University. But I'm hoping that there will be a few little unexpected gems along the way. I'd like to shake off some of the 2010 crap, move away from the mild depression I suffered due to stress and emotional issues, get rid of the sense of insignificance I've begun to harbour and mabye find a bit more self confidence and love. Don't stress I don't plan to become pyar vain, and I'm not saying I'm shy, jesus no, but I am aware that the personality and character I project to others isn't me, Im nowhere near as happy as I portray myself to be, but that doesn't worry me, I don't think most people are as happy as they appear. That's called being human. Or British.

So these 'gems' then, what would I like to get out of 2011, hmm. Dunno, I'd like to come across some happy, memorable moments. Maybe a lil trip that effects or changes my perspective- that'd be good, and I think it's possible. I've got a pretty decent summer ahead of me, holiday with friends- ZANTE ygm, music tour to Poland, second tour to Holland with a different band, which will be a heavy drinking sesh no doubt and finally a family holiday. God aren't I spoilt. Hopefully I'll squeeze some bossness out of these wee outings.

I haven't talked about any resoltuions yet. buh. I haven't really made any, there's no point. I've never ever ever lost the weight I've said I will, never ever given up chocolate for more than half a day, and certainly never became "a better person"- don't laugh at that last one. This time I'm going to challenge myself, rather than make a list of impossible goals I think I'll give myself a new hobby which hopefully will allow me to make adjustments without realising it. I think I'll start a diary, no I won't, that makes me sound 7, I'm going to keep an account of my consciousness. Like, either on here or on paper, just to write out the ramblings of my mind which might allow me to develop my writing skills and maybe act as a release. Plus it'll save me looking for comfort within the fridge. Always been my downfall.

Jeez I don't half ramble, I haven't even read over this crap, I like that though, it's real, not tampered with, it is just my stream of thoughts. Sorry if anyone has sat through this, thank you if you have, I hope my next post will be a bit more succinct, I wont have to explain anything I'll just dive into boring you.

Hope you all had a good 2010, I hope you have a brilliant 2011 and I hope you don't hate me for the drivel I've just written.