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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


it's what I do best.

Last day of freedom today, before I start school again. Can't really say I made the most of it, the highlight of my day would have to be waking up at 10am then running into my parents' empty bedroom and sleeping on their PYAR COMFY bed till 1:15pm.


I should of spent the majority of today on my English Lit coursework which I've had three weeks to do and have yet to start. Boo. Sufficient to say I swerved that like the bubonic plague and did everything else (the clue was in the title of the post).

Amongst my time wasting I managed to screw up a deadline for a reply I had to send back to Leeds University, regarding a number of questions I had to answer. CRAP. I emailed the fella with my answers and apologised for the fact that they were supposed to be sent yesterday by.the.latest.

Good luck getting into Leeds ,Vic.

I've also been listening to Weezer quite a bit, I like them. They're a bit wierd and they're norrarsed. I'd like to adopt that attitude.

Hmm, warrelse?

I wore my new 25" ers (that's what I'll refer to them as now. Keep up) Got them on, but I decided for safety to undo the button, it was looking a bit scared. I like em. They make me feel a bit 50's ish coz they're ankle grazers. Hope I can fasten the button without the use of a shoehorn sometime soon.

Finally, I've been going a bit mad with the following button this afternoon. I decided that if I want this lil stream of ramblings to progress then I'll have to get out there a bit more. The first step was to add blogs which I admire and would genuinely read. Check. Now I've done that I'm just gonna take in what they have to say, maybe throwing a few comments down and hopefully I can pick up a few disciples meself. (I heard thats how blogging works. If I'm wrong giz a shout before I make a show of myself)

Hope 2011 is kicking off nicely for you all.


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