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Sunday, 6 February 2011


"I didn't aspire to be a good sport; 'Champion' was good enough for me"Fred Perry

Go 'ed lad.

(That's not him by the way, that's just an angry skin head)

So you know I love the Fred Perry Brand. I love the heritage, the culture, the fit and just the general pride of owning the classic 'polo'. But a few days ago I came across the new Richard Nicoll collaboration collection on the Fred Perry website.....

'Nuff said.

After parting with £114 (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) I am now the proud owner of this lil numba;

product thumbnail

Wadaya think?
My sister told me it looks like something I could of picked up from Bonmarche for a fiver.
I disagree.
I love the pastel colours and the way it makes me look like a camp 6 year old boy. Odd fashion aspirations I grant you, but I've never been a glamour gal.
As soon as I saw it I had visions of me strutting round Zante, Poland, Holland, Amsterdam, Lanzorote and London in it this summer - get on the amount of countries I'm visiting there.
I'm thinking a lil pair of brown brogues and maybe a skinny belt, plus a pair of SKA specs and I'd pretty much be personifying myself with this outfit.
I know a lot of people may dis-like the dress, I get that, I respect it, but I've always been a birrof a tomboy so I love the girly twist to the boyish frame of the polo.
I am DEFFO getting a few snaps in this when it arrives.
Let me know your opinion of it though, bearing in mind I have just spend some of my Uni savings on it.
In a while crocodile


  1. I wish I could pull off a Fred Perry polo! I can definitely see this suiting you but £114 though...!!! x

  2. Ah thanks! Agh I know, I never normally splash out either but I was literally drooling over it!!x

  3. I have NEVER known you to ever spend that amount of money on a dress. ever.
    But honey, im proud :)
    Ignore your andrea/emma/bec.. 'tis very you love and i like it.