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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So I love music; I play it, I sing it, I dance badly to it and I collect it. I'm sure you've all got an album that you love to play when you're feeling happy, sad, getting ready for a night out or trying to relax.

I'm a birrof an eclectic music fan, I will literally listen to anything (except maybe Heavy Metal- come on now, behave.) Classical to SKA, indie to jazz, I literally love it. There's nothing that can stir my emotions more than Adagio for strings or make me want to bomb it to a dirty, smoky jazz bar than when I hear Ella Fitzgerald, and I have to admit to being front row at a Madness Gig at V festival last year-

I have found that opening your ears to different music can completely change your outlook, people are quick to judge someone on their music taste and often we emulate our favourite artists(but someone please shoot me if I start dressing like Johann Strauss.) Plus I love the heritage and culture that comes along with many genres, however I've got to admit, I'll never be into that whole 'ohmygodI'memoandIhatemylifesooooomuch'- gerragrip.

I could go ahead and post loads of different videos displaying my bizarre music portfolio, and maybe I will soon but I'm a lazy sh* and I'm feeling pyar mellow tonight so I will leave you with the wonder and tragic wreck that is, Chet Baker.

Little biog on this feller- He was a trumpet player who dabbled in singing, and unfortunately heroin. This lad was a talented musician, as a Trombone player I appreciate his playing but as a girl, I appreciate his looks. Well, the post-heroin looks anyway. Sadly the talented geezer died due to his drug abuse but his gift still lives on. My fave songs of his, which he covered, are 'My funny valentine' and 'I get a long without you very well'.

Give them a listen and maybe let me know what you think?



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