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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


After the Fred mishap (agh) I was on the hunt for another dress, and boy did I find one. I've been after a shift dress for ages and after a birrof retail therapy yesterday in ZARA (amayo place) I found the suarvest dress evurrrrr.

And it's leopard print.

And silk.
Errrr, GET IN.

Soz abar the pyar photoshoot, got a bit carried away.
But how boss is the dress? Very 60's I reckon- and you know how I dig that.

P.S If you're not already onto them I suggest you give Bon Iver a listen, they've been out a fair while but I picked up their album for a whopping £1 yesterday in town, I'd already heard a few songs off it but it's so mellow and chilled, it's been on repeat in my room and now I'm feeling all 'ahhhhhhhhh'


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