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Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 biatch.


2010 is over, bit relieved, it was turning into a bit of a shocker.

So what will 2011 hold? The conventional; school, music, 18th, exams (gulp), summer ( and ultimately (well, hopefully) University. But I'm hoping that there will be a few little unexpected gems along the way. I'd like to shake off some of the 2010 crap, move away from the mild depression I suffered due to stress and emotional issues, get rid of the sense of insignificance I've begun to harbour and mabye find a bit more self confidence and love. Don't stress I don't plan to become pyar vain, and I'm not saying I'm shy, jesus no, but I am aware that the personality and character I project to others isn't me, Im nowhere near as happy as I portray myself to be, but that doesn't worry me, I don't think most people are as happy as they appear. That's called being human. Or British.

So these 'gems' then, what would I like to get out of 2011, hmm. Dunno, I'd like to come across some happy, memorable moments. Maybe a lil trip that effects or changes my perspective- that'd be good, and I think it's possible. I've got a pretty decent summer ahead of me, holiday with friends- ZANTE ygm, music tour to Poland, second tour to Holland with a different band, which will be a heavy drinking sesh no doubt and finally a family holiday. God aren't I spoilt. Hopefully I'll squeeze some bossness out of these wee outings.

I haven't talked about any resoltuions yet. buh. I haven't really made any, there's no point. I've never ever ever lost the weight I've said I will, never ever given up chocolate for more than half a day, and certainly never became "a better person"- don't laugh at that last one. This time I'm going to challenge myself, rather than make a list of impossible goals I think I'll give myself a new hobby which hopefully will allow me to make adjustments without realising it. I think I'll start a diary, no I won't, that makes me sound 7, I'm going to keep an account of my consciousness. Like, either on here or on paper, just to write out the ramblings of my mind which might allow me to develop my writing skills and maybe act as a release. Plus it'll save me looking for comfort within the fridge. Always been my downfall.

Jeez I don't half ramble, I haven't even read over this crap, I like that though, it's real, not tampered with, it is just my stream of thoughts. Sorry if anyone has sat through this, thank you if you have, I hope my next post will be a bit more succinct, I wont have to explain anything I'll just dive into boring you.

Hope you all had a good 2010, I hope you have a brilliant 2011 and I hope you don't hate me for the drivel I've just written.




  1. I could never hate you.
    That is the possibly the best 'drivel' i've read in 2011 yet.
    You know i'm here for you about the happiness thing..
    You don't have to pretend with me honeychunks.
    Love you.x

  2. Argh I had nay idea you were still onto the blogs kid, thanks baby Love you too. x